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1988 - A Poetic Diary of a Wrexham Author 

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Life is an unpredictable journey, full of surprises, ups and downs, and unexpected twists and turns. We all have our own unique experiences and stories to tell, and for me writing has been a way to make sense of my journey, and if my words can touch others in a meaningful way, that is a gift beyond measure. 

- Paul Clifton 

The Blurb 

Paul Clifton's third collection embarks on a poetic journey through the personal life of the local poet and author. Join him as he navigates his way through personal losses, discovering true love, and the thought-provoking mysteries of life that interest him. This anthology will take you on a voyage, as Paul's words transport you through his hometown of Wrexham and beyond, from his most significant moments to the smallest nuances. Experience his life, as if you were there with him - as his story unfolds through the pages, the distant threat of Coronavirus looms on the horizon, adding an extra layer of relevance and meaning to his journey. An adventure awaits - crafted with observant sensitivity and honesty that has made Paul's poetry beloved.

Lovers of Poetry!

Already acclaimed, this is a great anthology taking you on a lyrical journey full of a rollercoaster of emotions and adventures. 

An important book of poems from someone who is at the forefront of organising poetry and literary events in North East Wales. Paul captures perfectly the unpredictability of our daily experience, as the river reminds him of life’s changeable drift. There are many real poetic gems in this collection. I warmly recommend to all lovers of poetry.

(Peter Read - Poet, Playwright and Author of From Hollywood To Wrexham).

There is something brittle and realistic in Paul’s poems, often inspired by

natural surroundings and specific places. But people are important to Paul –

friends and family – as well as locations both near and far. There is an honesty

and a directness in his work, and an emphasis on the gift of a ‘moment in

time’. (Aled Lewis Evans - Poet & Author)

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