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New Look!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

A logo, a new website and changes to socials but why?

After years of having already a pre-existing website it seemed over the years it became lost almost and later became a question of "what is the website for?"

The domain name it had wasn't attracting visitors and eventually become lost on the internet, especially on search engines. After many months debating whether a website is worth having or just sticking with the social media accounts. I asked myself again "what is the website for?"

But this time I discovered that it could be a blog site as well as an information hub for events I'll be hosting or appearing at, as well as a point of contact for organisers and event planners, and of course to showcase my published collections.

This I thought to be a good point to start afresh and started to think of a website that was dynamic and bright, using my favourite colour yellow, which is bold and stands out from the crowd, but also adds putting a personal touch to it. As the new website was starting to take shape, I then started to consider a logo, something simple, consistent with the website and one I could use for future publications and to unify my social media with my website. But again, to be bold, so the bright yellow returned, and an image was created for it.

Now the website has a purpose, the socials are uniformed and time for myself to be bold and taking steps forward to make what I have planned in the future, work. Watch this space and keep checking this site for updated monthly blogs, and much more events I will be appearing at or hosting latest published collections.

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