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The Book That Created an Inspirational Flare

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Dave McCall, who writes historical fiction under the pen name David Ebsworth, recently with Wrexham's Carnival of Words published a self-guided tour book of Wrexham's city centre, titled 'Wrexham Revealed'. The book is a self-guided, twenty stop tour through Wrexham's deep history.

The starting point of the tour: is where truth and meaning to Wrexham lives. But is retired in displays for where generations can admire and learn local history - Wrexham Museum.

From the museum you will travel back in time as you walk to discover what Wrexham has revealed over its deep rooted history,

as the extensive research written within the book details the importants of the significant landmarks spread across the city. One example of this, is the grand arch way that was once the entrance to the massive Wrexham Art Exhibiation in 1876, which now connects Hope St and Argyle St. You can see how huge the Art Treasure Exhibition was in the photo (below).

As I continued to read through it became clear to determine that local history of life in Wrexham is worth a celebration all of it's own and to be the treasure shining through the streets of Wrexham for all to notice. The photography within the book captured the meticulous detail of Wrexham's history that is partnered well with the words written.

This book opened a creative flare in my mind that inspired me to extensively write more about Wrexham and importantly it's history, as for many years and recently I have visited places that have been written in this self-guided tour book, so it would be natural to weave these new found piece of poetry into my next collection arriving in 2024. More on that coming soon.

Not only has 'Wrexham Revealed' and I toured the city centre. But has also toured my own mind to open a passage of reflection to create another root that will leave a poetic touch to the Wrexham scene and for reades of my next collection.

Wrexham Revealed is available through Waterstones, Wrexham Tourist Information Centre and other book store retailers.

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