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The Story of Alice

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I love the story of Alice's adventures in Wonderland as it takes us away to another world where the usual rules don't apply, to a world of fantasy and I think that is what attracts me to the stories. But what is as interesting as the Alice stories is Lewis Carroll himself. Reading The Story of Alice - the biography of his life starts from being a young boy becoming fascinated by manipulating words and unknowingly at the time some of these words he would use in the Wonderland books.

Later on in life when photography was invented he found a new form of manipulation with photos and often would have children pose and over time became friendly with the Liddle family and had a particular fond of one of their daughters Alice, who would later become the inspiration for his main character in the Wonderland books.

Each chapter of this book fascinates me as there is something captivating about Lewis Carroll whether it's his relationships with various families or how he found words or characters he wrote into the pages of his books. But as you turn each page you can see where the ideas for Alice's adventures originate from, through to what Lewis Carroll's book became. It's an insightful biography where the author has done his research to bring us a biography that gives us a clear window to view the world that Lewis Carroll lived in.

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