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Shadow Man

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Cody Mcfadyen's Shadow Man dives immediately straight into part of a story that sets you on a dark train journey of emotions and feelings as the main character (FBI Agent Smoky Barrett) is reeling from horrific tragedy of her own and there is one case she has to take because the young girl's mother was her best friend! The dark tone of this book is set in the first few chapters with an addictive beginning. As you read through, the tone deepens with a few moments of banter between the investigative team of characters we are introduced to as the pages unfold, which lightens the mood every so often throughout the book.

You get a real sense of realism and depth of the Smoky Barrett character from the very start of the book. It grips you in a way which wants you to read further into this character and what the next chapter may or may not bring. You may think you know what's coming next but then you're lead astray in a direction you wouldn't have thought of, with many of the chapters leaving you in suspense and wanting to continue reading.

I highly recommend Shadow Man to those who enjoy a good murder mystery thriller. An edge of your seat book that keeps you in suspense and guessing what's coming next, only then be thrown a decoy. This is the first book in a three book series to enjoy the creative writing of Cody Mcfadyen.

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