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1988 - A Poetic Diary of a Wrexham Author
Out March 6th, 2024

Paul Clifton's third collection embarks on a poetic journey through the personal life of the local poet and author. Join him as he navigates his way through personal losses, discovering true love, and the thought-provoking mysteries of life that interest him. This anthology will take you on a voyage, as Paul's words transport you through his hometown of Wrexham and beyond, from his most significant moments to the smallest nuances. Experience his life,
as if you were there with him - as his story unfolds through the pages, the distant threat of Coronavirus looms on the horizon, adding an extra layer of relevance and meaning to his journey. An adventure awaits - crafted with observant sensitivity and honesty that has made Paul's poetry beloved.

" Paul captures perfectly the unpredictability of our daily experience, as the river reminds him of life’s changeable drift. There are many real poetic gems in this collection. I warmly recommend to all lovers of poetry. "

(Peter Read - Poet, Playwright and Author of

From Hollywood To Wrexham).

Author of My Heart Bleeds Ink, Slices of Life

with poetry contributions to other anthology collections: 

The Creative Freedom of the Mind, Fragile Things and Unheard. 


Paul Clifton's Published Collections 

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#3 Drama and Play Anthologies

#7 Poetry

#12 Love Poetry

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#12 poetry

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Amazon Top 100 Paid Bestsellers


#19 Poetry Anthologies

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"The path we take can sometimes be a long journey to where we want to be."


" I think the book has resonance for young and old readers. Older readers will appreciate and remember some of the trials and tribulations of youth and younger readers will identify with the poems. I particularly liked The Companion having cats myself. there are also stories that intersperse which I really like a meritorious effort and a pleasant gentle read. To be recommended."

Amazon Customer

Slices of Life Short Stories & Poems 

"Absolutely fantastic collection of diverse and beautifully written poetry in both Welsh and English poems. Would absolutely recommend to people with a keen interest in poetry or anyone looking to enlighten their imagination with some beautiful writing"

Amazon Customer 

The Creative Freedom of the Mind


Slices of Life 

"Paul's first collection has an interesting mix of topics and genres. Paul gets great pleasure from writing and I enjoy the quality of his work, his honesty and relevance."

  - Aled Lewis Evans

      Minister, Author & Poet

My Heart Bleeds Ink 

"Paul Clifton is an ambitious writer who is developoing his writing as times move forward. This collection shows a new sense of sentimentality that allows the reader more of the author."

- Tim Humphreys-Jones 

Author & Poet

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